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[O] Bug: Scheduling capture with a single line capture template [9.2.4 (

From: Gustavo Barros
Subject: [O] Bug: Scheduling capture with a single line capture template [9.2.4 (9.2.4-10-g3b006f-elpaplus @ /home/gustavo/.emacs.d/elpa/org-plus-contrib-20190715/)]
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2019 16:36:12 -0300
User-agent: mu4e 1.2.0; emacs 26.2

Hi all,

When using a single line capture template for an entry, the indirect buffer
where the capture editing occurs restrains itself to that single line. As a
consequence, scheduling during capture is not visible in the capture buffer.

I’m not really sure this is technically unexpected. But it is certainly
inconvenient. In case it is expected behavior though, if anyone has any
thoughts on how to circumvent it, it would be appreciated.

Steps to reproduce:

Start =emacs -Q=, and eval for basic setup:

#+begin_src emacs-lisp

(setq org-capture-templates
 '(("t" "TODO entry" entry
    (file+headline "~/org/notes.org" "Capture")
    "** TODO %?"
    :empty-lines 1)))

Where file "~/org/notes.org" has the following contents:

#+begin_src org
,* Previous heading

,* Capture

,* Following heading


Now capture a "TODO entry" task with =M-x org-capture RET t=. Once there, write
something for the heading if you like, like "test", but try to schedule this
captured item with =C-c C-s=. Hit return for today’s date and note that the
scheduling information is not visible in the capture buffer (it is present in
"notes.org", of course).

Note that I use =:empty-lines 1= in the capture template, so technically there
is a line following the heading in the file (if you visit "notes.org" in
another window/frame along the capture process, you will see that this is
indeed the case). I also cannot add a newline manually in the template (with,
"** TODO %?\n"), for it is ignored, unless there is some content after it.

Again, I’m not sure if this is technically unexpected behavior, but I thought
it worth reporting. And, in case it is as it should be, just let me know.

Best regards,
Gustavo Barros.

Emacs  : GNU Emacs 26.2 (build 1, x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.22.30)
of 2019-04-22
Package: Org mode version 9.2.4 (9.2.4-10-g3b006f-elpaplus @ /home/gustavo/.emacs.d/elpa/org-plus-contrib-20190715/)

current state:
org-src-mode-hook '(org-src-babel-configure-edit-buffer
org-metadown-hook '(org-babel-pop-to-session-maybe)
org-clock-out-hook '(org-clock-remove-empty-clock-drawer)
org-mode-hook '(#[0 "\300\301\302\303\304$\207"
                   [add-hook change-major-mode-hook org-show-all append local]
                 #[0 "\300\301\302\303\304$\207"
                   [add-hook change-major-mode-hook org-babel-show-result-all
                    append local]
                 org-babel-result-hide-spec org-babel-hide-all-hashes
org-archive-hook '(org-attach-archive-delete-maybe)
org-confirm-elisp-link-function 'yes-or-no-p
org-agenda-before-write-hook '(org-agenda-add-entry-text)
org-metaup-hook '(org-babel-load-in-session-maybe)
org-bibtex-headline-format-function #[257 "\300\236A\207" [:title] 3 "\n\n(fn ENTRY)"]
org-babel-pre-tangle-hook '(save-buffer)
org-tab-first-hook '(org-babel-hide-result-toggle-maybe
org-src-lang-modes '(("arduino" . arduino) ("redis" . redis) ("php" . php)
                      ("C" . c) ("C++" . c++) ("asymptote" . asy)
                      ("bash" . sh) ("beamer" . latex) ("calc" . fundamental)
                      ("cpp" . c++) ("ditaa" . artist) ("dot" . fundamental)
                      ("elisp" . emacs-lisp) ("ocaml" . tuareg)
                      ("screen" . shell-script) ("shell" . sh)
                      ("sqlite" . sql))
org-occur-hook '(org-first-headline-recenter)
org-cycle-hook '(org-cycle-hide-archived-subtrees org-cycle-show-empty-lines
org-speed-command-hook '(org-speed-command-activate
org-confirm-shell-link-function 'yes-or-no-p
org-link-parameters '(("id" :follow org-id-open)
                       ("eww" :follow eww :store org-eww-store-link)
                       ("rmail" :follow org-rmail-open :store
                       ("mhe" :follow org-mhe-open :store org-mhe-store-link)
                       ("irc" :follow org-irc-visit :store org-irc-store-link
                        :export org-irc-export)
                       ("info" :follow org-info-open :export org-info-export
                        :store org-info-store-link)
                       ("gnus" :follow org-gnus-open :store
                       ("docview" :follow org-docview-open :export
                        org-docview-export :store org-docview-store-link)
                       ("bibtex" :follow org-bibtex-open :store
                       ("bbdb" :follow org-bbdb-open :export org-bbdb-export
                        :complete org-bbdb-complete-link :store
                       ("w3m" :store org-w3m-store-link) ("file+sys")
                       ("elfeed" :follow elfeed-link-open :store
                       ("doi" :follow org--open-doi-link)
                       ("elisp" :follow org--open-elisp-link)
                       ("file" :complete org-file-complete-link)
                       ("ftp" :follow
                        (lambda (path) (browse-url (concat "ftp:" path))))
                       ("help" :follow org--open-help-link)
                       ("http" :follow
                        (lambda (path) (browse-url (concat "http:" path))))
                       ("https" :follow
                        (lambda (path) (browse-url (concat "https:" path))))
                       ("mailto" :follow
                        (lambda (path) (browse-url (concat "mailto:"; path))))
                       ("news" :follow
                        (lambda (path) (browse-url (concat "news:"; path))))
                       ("shell" :follow org--open-shell-link))
org-capture-templates '(("t" "TODO entry" entry
                          (file+headline "~/org/notes.org" "Capture")
                          "** TODO %?" :empty-lines 1)

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