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[O] :libs header in fortran code blocks

From: Alberto Ramos
Subject: [O] :libs header in fortran code blocks
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2019 23:29:27 +0100

  Hi all,

  I am completely new to this mailing list, and in fact to elisp. I am
  an user of org-babel, and in particular use a lot of fortran code

  One annoyance is that these blocks were not supporting the :libs
  header: I had to tangle the code and compile it by hand.

  After asking for a solution in emacs-reddit
  I was suggested to try to contribute with a patch.

  Here it is. Since it is the first time that I do something like this,
  please let me know if something is wrong or not done correctly.

  Thanks to all for the awesome org-mode!


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