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Toggle dimming of blocked tasks

From: Joao Cortes
Subject: Toggle dimming of blocked tasks
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2019 12:13:36 +0000

The org-mode version I am using is  9.2.3 (release_9.2.3-372-g66cd1f).

I would like being able to toggle the dimming of blocked tasks.

"#" is mapped to 'org-agenda-dim-blocked-tasks'. Calling this function
seem to do nothing, independently of the current
'org-agenda-dim-blocked-tasks' value: If I do

'(setq org-agenda-dim-blocked-tasks t)' ,

the list has the blocked tasks dimmed, independently of calling
'org-agenda-dim-blocked-tasks'. If I do

'(setq org-agenda-dim-blocked-tasks nil)',

then the blocked tasks are always fully visible.

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