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Re: org-custom-id-goto?

From: Fraga, Eric
Subject: Re: org-custom-id-goto?
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2019 15:45:32 +0000

On Wednesday,  4 Dec 2019 at 10:26, Matt Price wrote:
> Is there a quasi-equivalent of ~org-id-goto~ or
> ~org-babel-goto-named-src-block~ which will jump to a header in the
> current buffer? 

If by header you mean headline or heading, I don't think there is
anything exactly how you might want it but you should maybe look at
"org-goto" and "org-occur" (or both in combination).
Eric S Fraga via Emacs 27.0.50, Org release_9.3-21-g36753e

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