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Re: Gnus org-mode link problems in org 9.3

From: Bob Newell
Subject: Re: Gnus org-mode link problems in org 9.3
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2019 08:41:48 -0800
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/26.3 (gnu/linux)

Thanks for the input! But I don't think org-link-escape is the
problem for me. In the documentation for the new org changes
there is a link conversion function. I ran this to fix all my
links and still got the same problem.

It also wouldn't explain my todo capture template failure,

Of course, I'll keep researching, but I may temporarily try to
revert to the previous org release (if I can figure out how!)


Bob Newell
Honolulu, Hawai`i
- Via Gnus/BBDB/Org/Emacs/Linux

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