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Manual Typo in Table Section

From: Ben Polson
Subject: Manual Typo in Table Section
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2019 09:05:17 -0600

Hello org mode mods!

I'm starting to get into org mode and have been going through the manual to understand it better. I got to section 3.5.1 and got a little confused:


Specifically with this example formula:
‘@3 = 2 * remote(FOO, @@1$$#)’

As I've been playing around with tables and formulas I've come to the conclusion that '@@1' must be a typo, and that what was intended was just '@1'. I have a few qualms about this table section in general, but felt that this particular typo was an important one to highlight.

Thanks so much for your work! I hope to get more involved once I've made my way through the manual.


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