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specify time of day for org-resolve-clocks, not number of minutes

From: Dan Drake
Subject: specify time of day for org-resolve-clocks, not number of minutes
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2020 09:05:26 -0600


I posted a question on emacs.stackexchange: https://emacs.stackexchange.com/questions/54445/specify-time-of-day-for-org-resolve-clocks-not-number-of-minutes

...about using a time of day when using org-resolve clocks, but didn't get an answer. Here's my question; perhaps this more targeted group can help:

I can use org-resolve-clocks if I've been away from a task but kept the clock for the task running -- but when I do that and select K ("keeps however many minutes you request and then immediately clock out of that task."), I have to specify a number of *minutes*.

Instead, I want to specify a *time*, since usually that's what I remember ("my coworker stopped to ask a question at 10:45"). I'd like a way to get the K functionality, but instead of doing the math to figure out a number of minutes, I want to just type in a time of day.

Is there a way to do this already? Or would this require a new clock resolution command -- perhaps "t", for "time": it would effectively just be a wrapper around "k" that parses the provided time, looks at the current clocked-in task, computes the appropriate number of minutes, and then just does whatever "k" (or "K") does.


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