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Re: Long links

From: Steven Penny
Subject: Re: Long links
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2020 16:56:18 -0600

On Sat, Jan 4, 2020 at 4:35 PM Trey Ethan Harris wrote:
> At some point in 2016 I see from my Git history that I un-filled all my Org
> files (i.e., changed “paragraphs” interspersed with newlines near fill-column
> to a single line per paragraph no matter how long it is), so for some ten
> years before that I was wrapping lines and just got tired of the hassle.

Nope. I have been dealing with long links for many years, since at least 2011.
Last month I learned that both reStructuredText and AsciiDoc can deal with them
pretty easily. Now that I know this, I am more included to use Markups that have
that capability.

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