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isearch misses stuff (was: `org-next-link' skips links inside PROPERTIES

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: isearch misses stuff (was: `org-next-link' skips links inside PROPERTIES drawer)
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2020 12:35:50 -0700


On 1/20/20, Kyle Meyer <address@hidden> wrote:
>> is isearch intended to be also affected?  or just org-next-link?  i
> No, isearch isn't affected.

thanks, that's a relief.  then we have a "your life in plain text"
(i.e. matches everything) search inside emacs that will also work with
multi-buffer isearch etc.

> Here are two options:
>   * Set search-invisible to t.  (The default value of `open' won't allow
>     you to match links.)

i tried t, and it stopped at links without opening them.  i'd prefer
it open them, but it is good that it matched them.

however, it made org entries not open during isearch.  so i don't
think this will work.

the docstring says you can make things open by adding an overlay
property.  i'm not sure what those are.  could this possibly allow
isearch to find links while still opening org entries?

>   * Make the links visible with org-toggle-link-display before
>     searching.

i don't think i would remember to do this, so i would have to
defadvice isearch to do this before searching an org buffer, and then
turn it off after, or something like that?  if i got it to work, i'd
wonder if it would work with multi-isearch.

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