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org id update locations search sequence (was Re: bug report org mode)

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: org id update locations search sequence (was Re: bug report org mode)
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2020 13:55:02 -0700

i have been wondering about the search sequence for this

id updating is capable of being quite slow, which can be distracting
when you follow a link and emacs hangs for a while, so i was thinking
maybe this could be optimized.

idk about data structures and searching, but i think the sequence can
be, in principle, much faster.

in recent master:

                            (org-agenda-files t org-id-search-archives)
                            ;; Explicit extra files
                            (unless (symbolp org-id-extra-files)

what this does is search agenda files together with their archives,
then whatever you set for org id extra files.

thus in master the sequence looks like todo.org todo.org_archive
next.org next.org_archive user-explicitly-set-var-contents.org.

(more detail: org id extra files by default indirects on text search
extra files, which by default is nil.  the user needs to remember to
include text search files in org id extra files if adding anything to
it, as setting it will blow away the default indirection.)

for users who do not set text search extra files or org id files, the
new idea is all agenda before all archive.

for users who do, the new idea is, in addition to the above, stick
whatever the user explicitly sets before all archives.

thus the new sequence is all agenda files, then all org-id-files
(because they are explicitly set by user), then all archive files.

in my case, i set text search agenda files instead of making them
agenda files in order to speed up the ts agenda.*  i would prefer that
they be agenda files, otherwise.

so they are high priority, and following a link should, in my case,
get to them /before/ going through my huge archive files.

if anybody likes and implements this idea, then another good thing is
that it won't load your emacs with archive files as frequently.

so, a wishlist item.

* "timestamp agenda" or "ts agenda" is just my term for daily/weekly agenda.

On 1/26/20, Bastien <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Siegmar,
> Siegmar Maier <address@hidden> writes:
>> According to my examination the problem is with
>> org-id-update-id-locations. Removeing that column makes it work
>> again.
>> If I put that line behind it works also again
> Yes, `org-todo-keyword-faces' will be taken into account when set
> before any actual fontification of an Org buffer.
> If `org-id-update-id-locations' visits an Org buffer before
> `org-todo-keyword-faces' is set, then this last variable will be
> ignore in the visited buffer.
> I hope this helps,
> --
>  Bastien

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