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customizing Org for legibility

From: Texas Cyberthal
Subject: customizing Org for legibility
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2020 17:34:14 +0800

I aim to popularize Spacemacs as a personal info manager. Next task is
the Org configuration layer.

As preparation, I wrote a post critiquing Org's out-of-the-box
legibility. I believe a default configuration should cater to
beginners, since they're least likely to know how to customize. On the
other hand, maybe a package should set defaults to the median user and
leave beginner intake to distributions.

Along the way, I discovered mixed-pitch, which fixed most of my
complaint. It's quite obscure. I'd like to include it in Spacemacs'
Org layer.

I'm sharing my thoughts to see whether I'm missing anything else.

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