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Re: TODO or checkboxes in org tables

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: TODO or checkboxes in org tables
Date: Fri, 08 May 2020 11:21:29 +0200
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   > I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you the whole truth.

   > „Projektleiter“ and „CAD Nachpflegen“ are defined as TODO keywords.

   > (A special case of WAITNG and an ALLMOST DONE state)

   > You have to add the additional options yourself:

   > :indent t :format "%50ITEM(Problem) %5PB(Nr) %12TODO %8TAGS(Wer) %12Termin 

Thanks for clarifying 

Like this

       :EXPORT_FILE_NAME: Beispiele
       :EXPORT_OPTIONS: num:nil
       :COLUMNS:  %50ITEM(Problem) %5PB(Nr BP) %11TODO(Status) %6TAGS(Wer) 
%10TERMIN(Termin) %7ERLEDIGT(Erledigt){X/} %6SICHERHEIT(Sicher){X/}:indent t 
:format "%50ITEM(Problem) %5PB(Nr) %12TODO %8TAGS(Wer) %12Termin 
       :ID: Aufgaben

Sorry I am not very acquainted with these environments.

In any case it it not help, so I presume I misunderstood something

Shall we take this off the list and continue privately?



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