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Bug in filtered version

From: Ismael Bouya
Subject: Bug in filtered version
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2020 14:23:44 +0200

Dear org-mode users,

I would like to report a bug in filtered mode for org-mode. Take this
given file as example:
* Some heading 1
** Some header to remove                                            :sometag:
** Some header to keep                                             :othertag:

(note that last two headers are *at the same level*)

Now filter with `C-c / m sometag`. It will show only "Some header to
remove". However, if you remove that heading (with C-k) it will also
remove the next one, which is a quite surprising behavior.
Is there a way to avoid getting bitten by this?

(It also works if you filter with / t and you have a TODO followed by a

Kind regards,

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