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org-read-date-display-live has no effect when org-read-date-popup-calend

From: Edmund Christian Herenz
Subject: org-read-date-display-live has no effect when org-read-date-popup-calendar is nil
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2020 14:02:59 -0400
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I discovered that when disabling the calendar popup during insertion
of time-stamps (by setting org-read-date-popup-calendar to nil) then
the current intepretation of the date-prompt is not shown live
anymore.  The absence or presence of the live preview is controlled
via the variable org-read-date-display-live.  However, when
org-read-date-popup-calendar is nil, then setting or unsetting
org-read-date-display-live has no effect -- the live preview remains
disabled.  Therfore it currently appears not possible to have a live
preview of how org-read-date input interpretation when the calendar
pop-up is disabled.

Best regards,

Edmund Christian Herenz (ESO Fellow)     Office: M152
ESO Vitacura                             Email:  eherenz@eso.org
Alonso de Córdova 3107                   Phone:  +56 2 2463 3047  (Office)
Vitacura, Casilla 19001                          +56 9 4613 7517  (Mobile)
Santiago de Chile, Chile                 WWW:    http://www.sc.eso.org/~eherenz/

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