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Re: [PATCH] Add support for trace and error output streams in Common Lis

From: akater
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Add support for trace and error output streams in Common Lisp
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 2020 12:03:54 +0000

So, the overall plan that I suggest is as follows:

- Merge the patch(es) I sent.  Whether to merge documntation patch or
  not, is left for you to decide.  The text does not lie to users but it
  hints at a feature that is not available yet.  These patches will not
  break anything for anyone unless I get hit by the bus and SLIME gets
  to 2.28 without my submission merged into it.

- Once my pending submission to SLIME (and SLY, if neccessary) is
  - update the documentation if it has not been done at the previous step

  - move utilitiy function `org-babel-nsubstitute-multiple' to a more
    appropriate file

  - move `require' forms (to the top of ob-lisp.el, or wherever
    `org-babel-nsubstitute-multiple' went)

- Once SLIME 2.25--2.27 (the one that lacks the grab-multiple-outputs
  feature) becomes unsupported,
  - delete function `org-babel-execute:lisp--legacy'
  - rename `org-babel-execute:lisp--multiple-targets-support' to
  - remove defalias for `org-babel-execute:lisp'

By the way, I was wrong about something: newline variable in my patch
does not refer to newlines emitted by Lisp, it's newline that Org
inserts into Org buffer.  I generally try to make it easy to allow
consistent usage of non-unix newlines in users' files.  If you are
certain that trying to support this in Emacs is not worth it, I'll
gladly stop doing it.

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