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Wring case when using org-insert-structure-template

From: Guillaume MULLER
Subject: Wring case when using org-insert-structure-template
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2020 15:04:38 +0200
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Thanks for Org-mode. This is really THE software I needed! I LOVE everything 
about it! This is the only piece of software I know of that really designed by 
users for users, with users & efficiency in mind!

I'm using GNU Emacs 26.3, with built-in org 9.1.9.

When I try to automatically insert Structure Templates (e.g. by typing C-c C-, 
s), I get everything inserted in lowercase (e.g. #+begin_src).

In ALL the documentation pages I read, the snippets are written in uppercase 
(i.e. #+BEGIN_SRC, like in the main documentation for this feature: 
https://orgmode.org/org.html#Structure-Templates). I would myself prefer to 
have the templates inserted in uppercase, as it allows to clearly & visually 
differentiate between my main document text and the specific instructions for 

First question: why isn't the default as in the docs?

Second question: I couldn't find any configuration variable or function to 
change the default behaviour. Is there a way to do so?


Guillaume MULLER
Data Scientist, PhD
Télécom Saint-Étienne (office i119)
25 rue du Dr Remy Annino
Laboratoire Hubert Curien (office e002)
18 rue du Pr Benoît Lauras
42000 Saint-Étienne
Mobile : +33 (0)6 51 22 33 49

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