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Re: [PATCH] Use completing-read-multiple for org-set-tags-command

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Use completing-read-multiple for org-set-tags-command
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2020 00:37:42 -0400

Clemens writes:

> Now that I know that completion works for multiple tags with default 
> completion I'm unsure if it is worth to proceed with this. I wondered 
> how this would go unnoticed for such a long time in org and now I know 
> that the failure was on my part. On the other hand switching to 
> `completing-read-multiple` would improve the situation for completion 
> frameworks which handle it correctly and would also be more idiomatic 
> for this use case.

Yeah, I'm also undecided.  I'm open to the idea of moving from
org-tags-completion-function to crm for the reason you give, but, with
any proposal for that, I think it'd be important to see an inspection of
the current call sites (only a handful) and an analysis of whether we
can retain the current behavior.

Then again, this isn't the only place that passes a function for
completing-read's COLLECTION argument: there's also
org-agenda-filter-completion-function.  At a glance I think it would be
harder to replace with crm.

But perhaps we could at least avoid some confusion by explicitly
documenting spots where completion frameworks may interact with the
intended completion functionality.

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