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deadline warning days entry

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: deadline warning days entry
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 23:21:23 -0700

i tend to want either zero or some number [like 4 or 8] for deadline
warning days for deadline timestamps [tses].

so i set the deadline warning days variable to a nonzero positive
number as a default.  and then manually add -0d to individual tses
when i want -0d.

however, manual editing feels quite error prone and it is
typing/concentration-intensive.  the failure mode could include not
being warned or even not showing the deadline at all.

the existing command has a prefix option, but it does not solve the problem.

c-u c-u will ask you for a warning date, but for less chance of error,
i want an interval or number of dasys instead.  this would also be
slightly more consistent with the variable, which takes an integer.  a
warning date requires you to think about date arithmetic.

another problem with c-u -cu is that it requires you to enter the ts,
then do c-u c-u.  i.e. you can't enter a deadline with c-u c-u.

if those two problems were fixed, i would have no issue.

i'd like to know if anybody has any code for changing the deadline
warning days of a deadline ts to an interval or ndays.  [the minus
sign would not be needed.]  this would be for new tses and existing
tses.  in my case it would default to my alternate interval [0d].

this could be thought of as a feature request, but i don't know if it
is of enough interest, and i figured perhaps somebody already has some
code for this or likes the idea above also.

thank you.

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