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Re: Support for simultaneous running clocks?

From: Alexander Adolf
Subject: Re: Support for simultaneous running clocks?
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 13:59:22 +0200

Hello Carlo, Org Devs,

Carlo Tambuatco <oraclmaster@gmail.com> writes:

> I don't know if anyone has suggested or is working on the ability for
> org mode to keep track of multiple running clocks simultaneously. I'd
> like the ability to keep track of, for example, how long something
> takes to compile while I keep track of how long I am working on some
> other project task at the same time.

I have worked with quite a couple or work tracking tools, Org being one
of them (albeit my favourite one). I learnt that running multiple clocks
in parallel was an idea that didn't work out for me. In reality, I'm
only ever doing one thing at a time [1]. If I want to bill that one
thing multiple times, I clock it once, and just duplicate the time
clocked to "the other" project(s). Or, with Org an elisp support, you
can create a "magic timer", whose recorded times will be automatically
copied to all "linked" projects. If I ran multiple clocks at the same
time, I would - more often than not - forget to start or stop one of
them, messing up my accounting. Hence, my baseline is "run a single
clock only, tracking what I'm doing, and do any doubling-up-magic in the

Also, to gauge build times, it might seem more promising to make the
bench marking part of the build process itself ("Build took ...")?

[1] https://hbr.org/2010/12/you-cant-multi-task-so-stop-tr

Just my two cents anyway.



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