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[PATCHES 1, 2, 3/3] Minor customisation features for ox-icalendar and ag

From: Mikhail Skorzhinskii
Subject: [PATCHES 1, 2, 3/3] Minor customisation features for ox-icalendar and agenda
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 10:45:53 +0200

Hello forum,

I'd like to introduce three new features and request to merge the with current 

1. Show document title instead of file name in org-agenda;

This should be useful for any users of org-roam package or anyone who 
autogenerate file names and uses document titles instead for navigation.

2. Customise summary lines of exported events in ox-icalendar

I personally export deadlines and scheduled items to the separate files so I 
don't need these cookies and they consume precious space of summary line. So I 
prefer them be disabled. This should be possible to do now with only 
customisation setting.

3. Force creation of an alarm when exporting event in ox-icalendar

Sometimes I prefer to create icalendar alarms exactly at the event start, but 
it's not possible since alarm set to zero means that alarm will be disabled. 
Forcing alarm creation will now create alarm no matter the setting.

I've updated news files and attempted to replicate the style of submissions, 
but I admit that I didn't read much beyond CONTRIBUTE file. Please point me to 
the right direction in case of any issues I can fix.

Kind regards,
Mikhail Skorzhinskii

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