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Use-case: simple nodes and todo-list

From: c . buhtz
Subject: Use-case: simple nodes and todo-list
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 2020 10:17:56 +0200
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I still read something about org-mode.

It is a complex and powerfull tool. I now try fit/transform my current workflow and use-cases to org-mode. So maybe you can give me a simple yes-now if this could be fullfilled with org-mode.

1. Simple notes with keywords and endless time to life
I have notes (most of them as post-its on the wall and monitor in my office) with information's I am not able or willing to remember. But I need this information's every few days. e.g. numbers for bank-account, projects, persons I find this information's by place (post-it glued to a specific place in my office). When they are digitized I would use keywords or in-text search. e.g. searching for the project name "my project" to find its number.

2.ToDo List without time information's
Currently I use a one-page-paper handwritten as a ToDo List. I re-create it every week. It helps me. I make priorities with some colors or underlines. And it (maybe) makes my workload visible to my leaders when sitting in a meeting and having the ToDo list on the table. ;) In the past I also tried "taskwarrior". Very powerfull, I loved it. But it did not fit to my workflow. I know this is apocalyptic and hard to imagine but deadlines are useless in my workflow. :D So taskwarrior did not helped be it just build up more pressure to me. Simple explanation: My work is influenced by to much unknown external spontaneous factors. It is useless to make plans/deadlines. Yes it is horror, I work on it. But I am not on that level of the hierarchy to make the fundamental needed changes.

What do you think?

Do you have any sources that explain org-mode with showing real life use-cases?


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