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org-mode time tracking setup integrating with SaaS (Harvest, Toggl, Bons

From: Daryl Manning
Subject: org-mode time tracking setup integrating with SaaS (Harvest, Toggl, Bonsai etc)
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2020 19:21:24 +0800

I'm just setting up a new time tracking system and have in the past used Harvest to track and bill clients.

With emacs clocking and calendaring, I was actually hoping to find some way to have it interface/export with one of the SaaS systems and effectively allow me to track time in emacs but then get data into one of those systems (effectively for presentation, and invoicing and such.).

Has anyone run across a good integration for doing that or has a blog post on their system particularly where they need to track hours/tasks across a few clients and projects for consultancy purposes (or a roll your own would be an interesting start though I do like the SaaS systems' invoicing and payments and such.).


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