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buffer name of Org Src...

From: Greg Minshall
Subject: buffer name of Org Src...
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2020 15:44:41 +0300

hi, all.

i often write my version of (il)literate programs using one .org file,
from which four or five (typically) files are tangled.  and, generally,
i'm very happy with this.

but, when i have multiple Org Src ... buffers open, all from the same
language, i am at a loss on how to determine to which buffer i should
'C-x b', as the only distinguishing characteristic is a (possible)
trailing '<N>', for some small integer N.

in *my* case (with the project i'm currently working on), each source
block in the .org file is a separately tangled file, and each source
block could be tagged with a distinct '#+name:' value.

is there a way to customize the buffer name?  or, an easy hack?  (given
a choice, i'd probably have some function of [src block name; language;
tangled-to file name], prefixed, clearly, by Org Src... and optionally
suffixed with "<N>".)

cheers, Greg

ps -- in case it's of interest: possibly i'm frustrated now, and wasn't
so much in the past, as i recently got annoyed by having to go back to
the base file to save and tangle (part of my work flow, to test whatever
i'm working on), and, so, wrote a few lines of emacs lisp so that a 'C-x
s' save from the Org Src ... file causes a save of the base file
followed by a tangle.  so, i can basically live long periods of time
just in the Org Src ... buffers; if only i could find my way around.

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