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Re: babel default header args as functions

From: Matt Huszagh
Subject: Re: babel default header args as functions
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2020 20:38:48 -0700

rey-coyrehourcq <sebastien.rey-coyrehourcq@univ-rouen.fr> writes:

> I'm unfamilliar with patch by mail but i try to apply your patch to my melpa 
> local org 9.4 version used by doom emacs.
> Patch hang on Hunk #3, i attach the .rej file.

You might need to start from a different org commit. I believe
6a182b690f works. Otherwise, you could fix the merge conflicts (this is
described online, e.g., https://stackoverflow.com/a/16968982/5710525).

Finally, a very crude solution would be to manually apply the changes
yourself if you're not too conversant with git. The git solutions are
better, but since the changes in this patch are minimal it wouldn't take
too long.

I will at some point fix the conflicts myself and send a new patch, but
I'd prefer to wait until it gets the green light to merge so that I
don't have to do it multiple times.


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