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Combining ob-sql, docker-tramp, and tramp ssh?

From: Jay Zawrotny
Subject: Combining ob-sql, docker-tramp, and tramp ssh?
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2020 18:11:27 -0400

I've been using ob-sql to document & prune our dev db and it's been amazing. 


The only rough edge has been that I have to expose the SQL ports to my host, forward it over ssh (I'm using a remote machine to offload docker resources), then install a version of psql required to connect. Lastly I then need to symlink psql to point to the targeted version of psql I need.

This means I can only match one setup at a time. A preferred route would be to use the :dir property to eval over tramp like:

#+begin_src sql :dir "/sshx:user@devbox|docker:user@vm:/src"
SELECT count(id) from accounts;

If I use Python it works, but something specific about this combo is not working. Any suggestions to fix this, personal config, docs, or debugging steps one could point me to?

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