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Bug: Can’t assign to hline relative reference

From: Dante Catalfamo
Subject: Bug: Can’t assign to hline relative reference
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2020 21:39:33 +0000


I'm trying to create a table where the third column between two hlines is set 
by a formula referencing the second column.

Here is an example:

| a     |     b |      c |
| row 1 | 12.00 | 144.00 |
| row 2 |       |  23.00 |
| sum   | 12.00 | 167.00 |
#+TBLFM: @I$3..II$3=if($2 != 0, 12*$2, 

When I try to calculate this table however, I get the error "Can’t assign to 
hline relative reference".

Why is this now allowed? This seems like a fairly mundane use of a table to me. 
It is explicitly disabled in the source, but without explanation, and searching 
the mailing list doesn't turn up many answers.

Is there a recommended way to handle a situation like this?

Could this feature be fixed?

Thank you,

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