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Re: Shower thought: submit an IETF RFC to register Org as a MIME type

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: Shower thought: submit an IETF RFC to register Org as a MIME type
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2020 15:38:11 +0200
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Hi Leo,

Leo Vivier <zaeph@zaeph.net> writes:

> Bastien <bzg@gnu.org> writes:
>> As the first paragraph says: 
>>   "This document describes and comments Org syntax as it is currently
>>   read by its parser (Org Elements)"
>> while we need a description of Org's syntax from the point of view of 
>> (1) a human writer and (2) any possible Org parser.
> I agree that (1) and (2) should be two different documents.  

Sorry, perhaps I was not clear: (1) and (2) do not need to be separate
documents. I think both can be described in a single document, my main
point was that the current org-syntax.org is from none of these points
of view.

> (2) would
> be especially interesting since there are quite a few projects afoot to
> parse Org documents outside of Emacs:
> - go-org (Go)
>   https://github.com/niklasfasching/go-org
> - orgize (Rust)
>   https://docs.rs/orgize/0.8.4/orgize/
> They are in various stages of advancement, but a design document would
> go a long way in federating those efforts.
>> I don't know how difficult it is, but I suspect it is quite a lot of
>> work.
> I assume that it would be, yes.  However, as someone with a vested
> interest in developing an efficient external parser for Org documents,
> I’d love to contribute.  I’ve been playing around lately with ox.el to
> write an exporter to Jupyter (more on that soon), and since it makes
> extensive use of org-element.el, I’d have a modicum of knowledge upon
> which I could initiate the effort.

Great, thanks for volunteering.  I think this is something you should
perhaps do with a long time Org user, ping-pong'ing with commits, not

Nicolas, what's your take on this?

Would it be okay for you if we rename worg/dev/org-syntax.org to
something like worg/dev/org-elements-syntax.org or would that be

Would you have any advice on how to tackle worg/org-syntax.org in a
generic and useful way?


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