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Starting from 9.5, Org contrib will be distributed as a separate Org ELP

From: Bastien
Subject: Starting from 9.5, Org contrib will be distributed as a separate Org ELPA package
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2020 17:53:50 +0200
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Hi all,

"Org contrib" refers to the list of Emacs lisp files that you find
in the contrib/ directory of Org's repository:


The idea of this directory was to have a place where to promote Org
packages even if they are not part of Org's core (ie the files that go
into Emacs core.)  It was also useful as a place to welcome packages
from authors who don't sign the FSF copyright assignment.

Both reasons are kind of obsolete nowadays: many, if not most useful
Org contributions are published elsewhere.  Also, mixing authors who
signed the FSF assignment and those who don't is never a good idea
for a repo, even if the contributions happen in separate spaces.

Org 9.5 will ship without the packages in the contrib/ directory.

Emacs lisp files in contrib/ will be packaged as an Org ELPA package
that you can install independentely from there.  The files will live
in a new org-contrib.git repo on code.orgmode.org.

In the long run, every Emacs file in org-contrib.git need to find a
proper maintainer (who will decide where to maintain it) or to be
listed in the list of Emacs orphan packages.

If you use Org contrib/ files from git, you will have to clone a 
new repository when the split is done, within the next weeks.

If you use org-plus-contrib, you don't have anything to do before 
Org 9.5 is released.  When it is, you will have add Org ELPA to
your configuration and install org-contrib from there.

If you have any question on this, please let me know!



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