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Re: Folding headings which contain only blank lines

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: Re: Folding headings which contain only blank lines
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2020 01:48:21 -0400

Dmitrii Korobeinikov writes:

>> Any chance you could provide a minimal reproducer for
>> your original issue so I can check on my end?
> Certainly, save this:
> ---cut----------------------------------------
> * empty heading
> * another one
> ---cut end-------------------------------
> Problem is: after unfolding "empty heading" you can't fold it back
> (barring the use of org-shifttab). One comorbid issue here, btw, is
> that "another one" isn't folded initially at all...

Thanks.  Okay, that matches closely the test case I tried in
<https://orgmode.org/list/87tuviqyi4.fsf@kyleam.com>.  As was the case
there, I can trigger the issue you reported both before and after

So, given ee3c3b554 doesn't appear to resolve the initial issue and
introduces its own, I'm in favor of reverting ee3c3b554.  I'll plan to
do so in a day or two if I don't hear objections.

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