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Re: Help debugging R source code block output problem with :session

From: Jack Kamm
Subject: Re: Help debugging R source code block output problem with :session
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2020 06:13:42 -0700

Hi Jeremie,

Thanks for volunteering to maintain ob-R.el :)

I'm bumping this patch [0] to see if it could be merged into ob-R.el. It
fixes some long-standing issues with prompt mangling for :session blocks
with :results output.

Elsewhere in the thread, Chuck had a suggestion [1] to allow :results
value to be properly handled in remote sessions. It's not included in
the patch, but worth adding separately IMO.

It may be helpful reading the thread in full -- Chuck had several
comments on ob-R that I found insightful, and may be useful for you to
consider as maintainer. I'd highlight [2] in particular:

> If you do decide to dig into solving this, please be sure that remote
> sessions and graphical outputs are not broken.  test-ob-R.el does not
> cover those cases.  In fact, it is pretty short, so there are probably
> other things that could break without `make test' complaining.

All the best,

[0] https://orgmode.org/list/87ft7t9wqk.fsf@gmail.com/

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