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Re: Confusion about org-confirm-babel-evaluate's behavior while exportin

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: Re: Confusion about org-confirm-babel-evaluate's behavior while exporting lob calls
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2020 23:16:32 -0400

吴锐扬 writes:

> The author explained his motivation for the commit in the mailing list before 
> it got applied:
>> That's because lob calls get wrapped internally in an anonymous
>> emacs-lisp source block that then feeds through the result from the
>> actual call as elisp.  The attached patch should suppress the
>> confirmation for the wrapper call.  To the best of my knowledge nothing
>> dangerous can happen with that evaluation and all confirmations for the
>> call stack down from there have already taken place according to the
>> users' setup.

Just for reference: it looks like that's


> If I understand correctly, executing a lob call would trigger two user
> confirmations in the past, and this commit was meant to suppress one
> of the two confirmations. (I may be wrong since I am a fairly new user
> of org mode.)

Thanks for digging.  Indeed, if you go back to the parent of 56bf3d789
(Babel: avoid superfluous confirmation for internal wrapper,
2013-04-10), there are two queries.  On that commit, there is one.

> Now there is no confirmation at all. IMHO, there should be exactly
> one confirmation ideally.

It looks like the query went away with dbb375fdf (Simplify Babel calls
evaluation, 2016-06-16), which was included in the 9.0 release.  Based
on a quick glance at that commit, I don't think that was an intentional

I won't take a closer look at this until at least this weekend, though.
I'd be very happy if someone beat me to it.

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