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Re: Viewing link information

From: Maxim Nikulin
Subject: Re: Viewing link information
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2020 09:47:53 +0700
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2020-10-30 Russell Adams wrote:
Are there other ways to view information about an org link that I
don't list below?
Are there ways to see this information live while navigating? Maybe on
the modeline, or messages?

C-h .

Displaying links in minibuffer is regularly discussed here. E.g. the following message has a link to an older thread therein

Sometimes I think of something like footnotes or margin notes representation for links in the visible part of the buffer. Unsure however if it would be really convenient and feasible. Unlike with literal links option, long URLs should not distort paragraphs but no additional action is required to view link target.

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