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export select tag behavior and documentation

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: export select tag behavior and documentation
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2020 20:59:41 -0700

[2020-10-31 Sat 20:59]  =x


  9.4 maint docstring

  === org-export-select-tags is a variable defined in


    1) does this take into account subtree export, region
       export, and narrowed buffers?  if so, perhaps the
       docstring should change.

       my expectation is that just having :export: in a huge
       buffer should not affect exporting a tiny part of it.
       by the principle of least surprise.

       it is sorta surprising enough that something buried
       in a subtree can affect the whole export of that
       subtree.  :)

    2) org-export-with-tasks set to

       - nil will not export a task subtree regardless of
         :export: tag underneath
       - t will export regardless

       thus basically overriding the export tag feature with
       the export with tasks feature.  is that intended?  i
       can see that it could be the best choice, but could
       also see it being useful to use the export tag even
       with tasks.

       i wonder when was the last time there was a change to
       this variable or its behavior?  i suspect there might
       have been a change, at least wrt top level todo kw
       stopping export, but i don't know.

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