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Re: Ignored bugs

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: Ignored bugs
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2020 08:14:12 +0100
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Hi Boruch,

Boruch Baum <boruch_baum@gmx.com> writes:

> BUG REPORT: 42484
> + This is of particular concern to me because when it was submitted it
>   was summarily closed AND ANRCHIVED. When I complained, it was unarchived so
>   that I could provide a solution and patch of my own, but it has since
>   been archived AGAIN, so I can't submit an updated patch. Further, it
>   was never removed from the closed state, so it could easily be
>   overlooked. (Do I need to explicitly complain that this is awful
>   management behavior?) So, I have an updated patch that I tried to
>   submit a few minutes ago that was bounced because the thread is in
>   read-only archived state.

I'm not convinced this should be in Org's core.

I think it could be in https://orgmode.org/worg/org-hacks.html

You can send a patch against https://code.orgmode.org/bzg/worg/ or
ask for an account on https://code.orgmode.org to be able to write
directly to Worg.

> BUG REPORT: 43954

Please use report-emacs-bug for bugs only.

For such suggestions, please discuss them on this list.

> BUG REPORT: 43955
> + code included

It looks like 43955 is a better version of 43954.

> BUG REPORT: 44133
> + code included

The patch seems interesting.  Can you resend it on this list in a
dedicated thread?  Also, you need to format it as described here:



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