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Re: 'false' list item

From: Greg Minshall
Subject: Re: 'false' list item
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2021 09:08:15 +0300


> There is no plans to change anything as far as I know. What I wrote was
> mainly to show why we have the situation and that any proposed solution
> has its own drawbacks.

thanks.  (i assumed that, but ...)

> Bottom line, we cannot easily prevent the 'false' list item issue
> without introducing either other issues or adding some additional syntax
> to indicate list items, which defeats the 'plain' aspects which many
> appreciate in org. Even the proposed 'solutions' still suffer from false
> positives.

yeah.  i sort of wonder if one can roughly categorize our typical uses
of org-mode into two types:

- random scribbles, agendas, etc., where the consumer is "ourselves" for
  the most part
- more formal presentations (web sites, papers), where the consumer is
  the broader world

and, to the extent this is true, i wonder if some markup issues have a
tension between those two uses.  e.g., for a formal document, i might be
willing to have "heavier" markup, to eliminate (...) false
positives/negatives.  (another example is in-line math markup, with
dollar signs or backslah-parens.)

cheers, Greg

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