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[tip] search this mailing list with helm-surfraw

From: Juan Manuel Macías
Subject: [tip] search this mailing list with helm-surfraw
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2021 11:25:56 +0200
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Hi all,

I am a fanatic Helm user, and within Helm I make intensive use of
helm-surfraw. It is necessary to install Surfraw on the system (in Arch
it is in the community repository). For who does not know, Surfraw
(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surfraw) is a script written by Julian
Assange that lets you perform searches across many engines and internet
sites. Every kind of search is controlled by a set of scripts called
elvi. We can also write our custom elvis, and save them in the
~/.config/surfraw/elvi/ folder. I have written some elvis for my
personal use, among them this simple script to search this mailing list,
which I share here in case someone finds it useful:

#+begin_src sh :shebang #!/bin/sh :tangle ~/.config/surfraw/elvi/orgmode-ml
  # DESC: search Org Mode mailing list archives
  # elvis: orgmode-ml           -- Search Org Mode mailing list archives 
  . surfraw || exit 1

  w3_usage_hook () {
      cat <<EOF
  Usage: $w3_argv0 [search words]...
      Search in Org Mode mailing list 

  w3_parse_args "$@"
  if test -z "$w3_args"; then
      w3_browse_url "https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-orgmode/";
      escaped_args=`w3_url_of_arg $w3_args`

Best regards,

Juan Manuel 

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