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Re: plantuml, png and caching

From: Nick Daly
Subject: Re: plantuml, png and caching
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2021 19:16:18 -0500

CS Suehs <skelter.net@gmail.com> writes:

> Should I expect PlantUML source blocks and their resulting images to
> be cached and respect `:cache true` ?


> In my experience they regenerate every export, even with :cache true.

Can you provide an example?

This example caches correctly for me on v9.1.14.

    #+name: helloworld
    #+header: :cache yes
    #+BEGIN_SRC plantuml :file helloworld.png
      Hello --> World

    #+RESULTS[f29ead8751dde1b4c4ee1b8fcb97e133c75eed0d]: helloworld

The only time I've seen caching break is if the diagram imports an
external file.  In that case, the diagram doesn't regenerate often
enough, because org doesn't notice that the external file changed.  The
fix to that is to include the hash of the external file as a dependent

    #+name: md5
    #+BEGIN_SRC shell :cache no :var afile="PLACEHOLDER"
      md5sum $afile

    #+name: cache-correctly
    #+header: :var md5input=md5("data.txt")
    #+BEGIN_SRC R :exports results :results output graphics :file data.svg
      aData <- read.csv("data.txt")
      ggplot(data = aData,
             mapping = aes(x = aData$id, y = aData$value))


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