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Re: Concerns about community contributor support

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: Concerns about community contributor support
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2021 19:50:59 +1000
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Jean Louis <bugs@gnu.support> writes:

> It should be clear that more maintainers and developers with direct
> access are needed for patches to be applied timely.
> I am sure that those on emacs-devel mailing list, Emacs developers,
> they could help on that, but maybe some of them do not observe this
> mailing list.
> Number of not applied patches does not seem to be that large.
> Project leader shall have his team and delegate them to other
> developers.
> This situation badly contradicts to Org mode purposes which is meant
> to manage patches.
> Maybe there shall be a published list of developers and project
> managers, so that this type of communication may be addressd
> properly. As now original poster explained the problem, but I did not
> see response from none of pushers, I mean those who have repository
> access.
> So how many people are there who have repository access?
> Who is not busy but willing to apply at least 1-5 patches pending?

I'm not sure I agree with this analysis. As Timothy mentioned a few
times, the issue is NOT about the time taken to apply patches. It is
about a lack of feedback regarding the state of the patches.

Increasing the number of people with the ability to apply
patches/changes to the repository is unlikely to be helpful. It could in
fact have the reverse result, leading to increased inconsistency and
reduced stability.

I find bug fixes are applied very quickly. Enhancements and extensions
are introduced more conservatively, but I think that is a positive
rather than negative aspect of org development. For many users, org is
already very feature rich/complete.

Tim Cross

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