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Re: [PATCH] source blocks mangled when edited

From: Sébastien Miquel
Subject: Re: [PATCH] source blocks mangled when edited
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2021 08:20:15 +0000

Michael Gauland writes:
This is all the*trace-output*  buffer shows:

1 -> (replace-buffer-contents #<buffer*org-src-write-back*>)
1 <- replace-buffer-contents: nil
Indeed, the `replace-buffer-contents` call is failing.

I've been able to reproduce with earlier versions of emacs 26.1. With
later versions of emacs 26, the problem goes away.

It seems earlier versions of `replace-buffer-contents` are not quite
reliable. It was patched prior to 27.1 and the new documentation
string makes some guarantees of correctness, so let's just change the
minimal version to 27.1.

Thank you for the report.


Sébastien Miquel

X-Woof-Bug: confirmed

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