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[PATCH] Add faces to improve contextuality of agenda views

From: Protesilaos Stavrou
Subject: [PATCH] Add faces to improve contextuality of agenda views
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2021 00:58:57 +0300
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Hello everyone!

The attached patch defines and implements a few new faces for the
agenda.  Quoting from the commit message:

    These new faces are designed to improve the ability of themes/users to
    control the presentation of agenda views.  They inherit from existing
    faces in order to remain backward-compatible.

    + The 'org-imminent-deadline' is useful to disambiguate generic
      warnings from deadlines.  For example, a warning could be rendered
      in a yellow colored text and have a bold weight, whereas a deadline
      might be red and styled with italics.

    + The 'org-agenda-structure-filter' applies to all tag/term filters
      in agenda views that search for keywords or patterns.  It is
      designed to inherit from 'org-agenda-structure' in addition to the
      'org-warning' face that was present before (and removes the
      generic 'warning' face from one place).  This offers the benefit
      of consistency, as, say, an increase in font height or a change in
      font family in 'org-agenda-structure' will propagate to the filter
      as well.  The whole header line thus looks part of a singular

    + The 'org-agenda-structure-secondary' complements the above for those
      same views where a description follows the header.  For instance, the
      tags view provides information to "Press N r" to filter by a
      numbered tag.  Themes/users may prefer to disambiguate this line
      from the header above it, such as by using a less intense color or by
      reducing its height relative to the 'org-agenda-structure'.

    + The 'org-agenda-date-weekend-today' provides the option to
      differentiate the current date on a weekend from the current date on

Some more words about the motivation behind this patch, which are not
included in the commit message:

+ The 'org-warning' is a generic face that should always convey a clear
  warning sign.  It does that well.  Deadlines also got styled with this
  by default, which meant that they could not be toned down a bit, or
  otherwise tweaked to meet the requirements of the agenda, without
  compromising the intended purpose of a prominent warning.  Ultimately
  this is about choice: users/themes may not want to use intense styles
  for deadlines by default.

  - For some prior work on applying a bespoke face instead of
    'org-warning', refer to commit 7ebb2d562 in org.git.

+ The 'org-agenda-date-weekend-today' complements the existing faces for
  differentiating weekdays from weekends.  So the "current day" can now
  be adapted to this distinction, depending on the user's particular

What do you think?  Is there something you would like to see done

I include Gustavo Barros in Cc, with whom we identified the potential
for these changes and who helped me think about their design and test
their implementation.  This is done for communication purposes: any
errors are exclusively my own.

I have already assigned copyright to the FSF and have made such
contributions before.

All the best,
Protesilaos or "Prot"

Protesilaos Stavrou

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