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Re: literate programming, development log -- ideas?

From: Dr. Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: Re: literate programming, development log -- ideas?
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2021 01:17:23 +0200
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briangpowell <briangpowellms@gmail.com> writes:

> * Donald Knuth created much for us, including TeX and a Literate
> Programming system called CWeb which helped to make C code documented in
> what he envisioned for Literate Programming
> ** A more generalized system that is based on CWeb is NoWeb--useful not
> just for C/C++ code but for every language: Recommend using NoWeb for
> Literate Programming: "NoWeb — A Simple, Extensible Tool for Literate
> Programming":
> https://www.cs.tufts.edu/~nr/noweb/

I use :noweb-ref quite a bit, and most of my org-files end in

# Local Variables:
# org-confirm-babel-evaluate: nil
# org-export-default-language: en
# org-babel-noweb-wrap-start: "{{{"
# org-babel-noweb-wrap-end: "}}}"
# End:

A recent wonderful discovery I made is M-x org-babel-detangle. I used it
extensively with mathe-ass:
- https://www.draketo.de/anderes/mathe-ass.js

* code                                                             :noexport:
#+begin_src javascript :tangle "mathe-ass.js" :exports none :comments link

// [[file:mathe-ass.org::*code][code:1]]
// code:1 ends here

With this I can program in the tangled file and then re-import the code
to org.

Best wishes,
Unpolitisch sein
heißt politisch sein
ohne es zu merken

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