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Re: ox-taskjuggler scenarios

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: ox-taskjuggler scenarios
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2021 10:11:55 +1000
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Hi David,

it has been many years since I last used taskjuggler from within org. I
recall when I did I had a similar issue to yours e.g. some valid task
juggler values could not be passed into task juggler from within org

Although my recollections is hazy, I seem to recall that when I looked
at the code, the ox-taskjuiggler.el code only accepted a subset of what
was valid input for taskjuggler. I ended up doing something similar to
you i.e. generated the export file and then modify it before generating
the taskjuggler artifacts.

>From memory, it looked like it would be fairly easy to modify the
taskjuggler elisp code to add additional support/integration, but my
requirements moved on and I stopped needing to use taskjuggler, so never
got around to it.

I do recall sending emails to the ox-taskjuggler.el author, but did not
get any response.

My guess is that ox-taskjuggler.el is currently lacking an active
maintainer. Bastien can probably clarify, but I would consider just
modifying the code to add the missing functionality you need and posting
some patches. Maybe someone can take on the maintenance, but until that
happens, I would consider ox-taskjuggler.el to be a basic starting point
which you can modify for your needs (it is part of the contrib packages
and not core org).

david whiting <dw@davidwhiting.me.uk> writes:

> Hi,
> I am starting to use org-mode with taskjuggler and am trying to
> implement scenarios. To work with scenarios I need to be able to
> provide the scenario parameter values where the scenario differs to
> the default plan. For example, using the example from
> https://taskjuggler.org/tj3/manual/Day_To_Day_Juggling.html#Tracking_the_Project
> there are two scenarios, called "actual" and "test". To apply
> different values to show the base scenario/plan, what actually
> happened and the test scenario, I would do something like this:
> task t "Task" {
>   start 2007-05-29
>   actual:start 2007-06-03
>   test:start 2007-06-07
> }
> In this example, the original plan was to start on 2007-05-29, the
> project actually started on 2007-06-03 and we also get to see what
> would have happened if we started on 2007-06-07.
> Using org-mode I can use the following to create the task with the
> planned start date:
> *** Task
>     :start: 2007-05-29
>     :END:
> But I haven't been able to add the actual and test scenarios. I need
> to be able to add something like:
> *** Task
>     :start: 2007-05-29
>     :actual:start: 2007-06-03
>     :test:start: 2007-06-07
>     :END:
> But the actual and test information is ignored, it is not converted in
> the tjp file. I have tried adding "actual:start" (without the quotes)
> to org-taskjuggler-valid-task-attributes, but that did not work. I
> have also tried a similar approach with "effort", but again it is
> ignored.
> I currently have a hack to get what I want. I add the scenario info as
> a comment with a marker and then run a sed script on the resulting tjp
> file to replace the comment-markers with \n, like this:
> *** Task
>     :start: 2007-05-29 #@actual:start 2007-06-03 #@test:start 2007-06-07
>     :END:
> Is there a better way to do this?
> David

Tim Cross

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