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Calling code block from header in agenda

From: Ken Mankoff
Subject: Calling code block from header in agenda
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2021 08:20:31 -0700
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I'd like to `ctrl-c ctrl-c` on a TODO section header in the agenda and have a 
code block execute. Is this possible?

Outside the agenda I can CC on part of this header (the src_bash{date} part) 
and it evaluates. Elsewhere it asks for tags as usual.

** TODO foo src_bash{date}

In the agenda, it asks for tags regardless of where I CC.

I don't need the src_bash in the headline, but it seems like a security issue 
to have org-babel-execute-subtree invoked from the agenda. I figure someone 
could add src_elisp{(org-babel-execute-subtree)} to the headline if they need 


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