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Large source block causes org-mode to be unusable

From: Léo Ackermann
Subject: Large source block causes org-mode to be unusable
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2021 20:27:52 +0200

Dear all,

I am working in an org-file of reasonable size (<2000 lines): my first paper written in org-mode. Everything fine (and fast) until I started to add `#+BEGIN_proof / #+END_proof` within my .org to make my .pdf export prettier. This caused the editing of the proofs to be very slow: navigation within the proof is fast but adding/removing any char takes around 4s per char.
It seems that the fontify function is responsible for that (see screenshot). As far as I understand, this function tries to fontify the whole block as soon as a single char is modified. In my case, it then tries to fontify a whole proof (~4 pages in my .pdf, with many LaTeX formulas) several times per second...

Is there a way to make this fontify function to act "around my cursor" ? 


Here the profiler's report when adding a single char
- Emacs 27.2 (doom emacs 2.0.9) (I just updated them)

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