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Re: publishing: no default publishing function, or symbol is not defined

From: Christopher W. Ryan
Subject: Re: publishing: no default publishing function, or symbol is not defined
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2021 16:26:09 -0400
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Juan Manuel--

Thanks. I understand no pages in a web document; I thought (hoped?) that
section/subsection numbers, perhaps multiple, would appear next to the
entries in the index.  I will try to be more specific with the ! syntax

Any advice for how to get *both* theindex.html and my main document in
html? So far I can only get one or the other, depending on whether I
include a non-nil value for a :makeindex option.



Juan Manuel Macías wrote:
> Hi Christopher,
> Christopher W. Ryan" via "General discussions about Org-mode. writes:
>> I would expect each named entry in an index to appear once, with, if
>> necessary, multiple links next to it for all the places that index tag
>> occurs in the main document. At least, that's how the indices in books
>> work.  Can the same be done in org mode?
> I'm afraid that in HTML that is not possible. Page numbers are used in
> books to refer to an index entry, but on a web site we don't have page
> numbers: Where would we apply the links? What I usually do with my web
> index is: use first-level entries for the general concept and second or
> third level entries for concepts more concrete.
> P.ej:
> In document A:
> #+INDEX: GNU Emacs!external packages!projectile
> In document B:
> #+INDEX: GNU Emacs!external packages!helm
> Links to document A and B go to projectile and Helm
> Anyway, I think in this scenario it's better to use tags, but
> org-publish doesn't provide tags out of the box. You need to do some
> elisp hacking to get something like blog tags in your web site.
> Best regards,
> Juan Manuel 

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