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Re: extra space at the end of lines in source

From: Greg Minshall
Subject: Re: extra space at the end of lines in source
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2021 07:08:45 +0300

Sébastien Miquel,

thanks for the reply.

> > it's long-term emacs behavior to eliminate spaces
> > at the end of lines, at least in programming modes.

(Tim -- i guess i should have said, "it's my long-term experience with

> As for the `org-src--content-indentation' spaces, they are quite
> peculiar. Note that they are removed when you call =C-c '= and when
> you tangle (they should, but I haven't tested it), so strictly
> speaking, they are removed in programming modes. What if your org
> block itself is indented, do you also expect blank lines to be
> entirely empty ?

there are two "practical" issues, plus one aesthetic issue, for me:

- because of the changes to source blocks i've edited, but not, in fact,
  tried to change, i'm getting loads of diffs when checking in a new
  version of the .org file

- the next time i open the Org Src buffer, whatever lint-like process is
  running for that language may complain about extra spaces at the end
  of a line.  (does that mean my experience is different from yours, or
  at least from your expectation?)

- "aesthetically" (or, "conditioned", by years of some expected
  behavior), i find the thought that there may be lines like these in
  the file somewhat distressing.

i'm resigned to the extra spaces when an org block is indented, so
wouldn't find the existence of spaces there any more worrisome.
(though, i would expect the spaces to be up to the indentation of the
org block, not all the way up to "the programming level".)

i do think the default should be to *not* add these spaces.  if

cheers, Greg

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