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Re: Calendar vs. org-agenda exit

From: Marco Wahl
Subject: Re: Calendar vs. org-agenda exit
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2021 17:16:50 +0200
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> is org mode rebinding keys in the calendar?

Yes.  "c" calls the Org agenda.

"i" in the calendar calls org-agenda-diary-entry when
org-agenda-diary-file has been configured.  (See function

> I ask, because I've been using traditional calendar+diary; now,
> when I try to insert an entry (i-d in calendar), I get
>   "Wrong type argument: commandp, org-agenda-diary-entry"

> The following experiment points in Org's general direction:
>   - emacs -Q
>   - M-x calendar
>   - with point on some date, i-d
>   - diary buffer is open, with a new line primed with date
>   - M-x load-library <RET> "org"
>   - again, in calendar, i-d
>   - the above error results.
> I'm not sure yet whether I fat-fingered something, so I'd like
> some hints in investigating before declaring this to be a bug.

Thanks for providing a detailed path to the error.  But I can't
reproduce this error; I get

- diary buffer is open, with a new line primed with date

instead of the error.

Since you start with -Q and command org-agenda-diary-entry is a command
in org-agenda this looks suspicious AFAICT.

Does the

- M-x load-library <RET> "org"

mix in some weird Org version and/or setting?  And btw why load Org a
second time?

Best regards,

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