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Re: [Bug] org-startup-folded documentation

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: [Bug] org-startup-folded documentation
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2021 09:56:49 +0800

Axel Svensson <mail@axelsvensson.com> writes:

> org-version: 9.4.6
> The documentation for the variable org-startup-folded is not up to date. It
> states that the variable can be nil or non-nil, but the program logic makes
> a difference between the values 't, 'content, 'showeverything,
> 'show2levels, 'show3levels, 'show4levels, and 'show5levels.

The docstring mentions fold, nofold, and other options on master and
maint, albeit not stating that you can set those values with setq:

> Non-nil means entering Org mode will switch to OVERVIEW.
> This can also be configured on a per-file basis by adding one of
> the following lines anywhere in the buffer:
>    #+STARTUP: fold              (or overview, this is equivalent)
>    #+STARTUP: nofold            (or showall, this is equivalent)
>    #+STARTUP: content
>    #+STARTUP: show<n>levels (<n> = 2..5)
>    #+STARTUP: showeverything
> Set org-agenda-inhibit-startup to a non-nil value if you want
> to ignore this option when Org opens agenda files for the first
> time.


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