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Re: Enhancement: M-x (+lag+) command

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: Enhancement: M-x (+lag+) command
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 12:20:53 +1000
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Ypo <ypuntot@gmail.com> writes:

> When I send M-x and I start to write a command, I write it down to the buffer
> where I have my text, instead of to the new buffer where commands appear.
> So, after I send M-x, I have to wait some time, and then I can write the
> command. There is a lag between M-x and command inputting availability.
> Couldn't this lag be neutralized? For example, by recording every sent key 
> after
> M-x and pasting them down when the commands new buffer is available?

This does not sound like typical behaviour. The first thing which needs
to be established is whether or not this is a local configuration
problem. Start by running

emacs -Q

and then opening the org file where you see this issue and see if you
can reproduce the problem. If you cannot, then it is very likely the
issue is due to some configuration or additional package you have

If you can reproduce the problem, then please log a bug report using M-x
org-submit-bug-report. This will generate a buffer with a lot of
important information regarding your local setup and may help us track
down the source of the issue.

If you cannot reproduce the problem with emacs -Q, then the cause is
likely a local configuration or additional package you have installed.
Tracking down the cause might take a bit of work. Essentially, you will
need to reduce your configuration to a minimal setup, test and if there
is no problem, slowly add back bits of your configuration or additional
packages, testing after each change, until you find the cause. Once we
know what the cause is, we can probably provide suggestions/assistance
to get it resolved. 

A number of popular add-on packages relating to command input, like
helm, smex, hydra, ivy, counsel etc can cause significant slowdown in
command input if not correctly configured. My suspicion is that one of
these packages is likely the cause.

Tim Cross

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