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Re: [BUG] org-goto slows down org-set-property

From: Maxim Nikulin
Subject: Re: [BUG] org-goto slows down org-set-property
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 21:59:46 +0700
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On 11/07/2021 23:00, Ihor Radchenko wrote:
Maxim Nikulin writes:

Ihor, did you get that numbers using emacs -Q? If not, I suspect you may
have twice more markers in the buffer than `org-refile-get-targets'
usually generates. If my guess is correct it may be necessary to file a
bug that org-ql or some other package abuses markers by generation to
much of them.

With emacs -Q things are twice better, though still not good enough:
org-ql might be one of the reasons of slowdown. Without it, the nm-tst
after clearing the cache is slightly faster (was 13 sec):

13.8 - 10.1 = 3.7 that is comparable with "emacs -Q" that is 5.3. So contribution of org-ql is not major one, but it is still significant.

However, markers are also created by agendas for example. The last
result is also on fresh Emacs. Fresh Emacs tends to be faster in general.

Do you know a good way to find out all the markers associated with a buffer?

I was going to ask you, but forgot to do it. Perhaps it is impossible by design.

(length org-agenda-markers)

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